Tapping Into Thryve Potential One Word at a Time

You may have heard that we released a free eBook, "Your 'WORD' of the Year." [If you haven't just click over on our store link and find out why creating an intention will make 2016 more meaningful.] Maybe you have even downloaded it and began working through some of the worksheets. Or perhaps you read two pages and thought this is common sense I don't need this. Ahhh, yes if it was all that simple why haven't you made changes up until this point? There had to have been some reason why you downloaded the book, right? 

In order to THRYVE we tell our athletes it begins by looking within. That may sound a little too philosophical or "hippie" for you, but it's the truth. When have you ever made a good decision strictly based on extrinsic forces? Exactly. There is an internal motivator that exists for sure. But how does our internal compass get so misaligned and how do we fix it so that we can THRYVE?

Well, it starts by asking a few questions

1.) What is your largest motivation for change? 

2.) Why this specific motivation? What was that ah-ha moment that made you realize you needed to change?

3.) Is this motivation a short term motivator, such as an event?

4.) Does your motivation depend on another person, physical change or passing of a specific self imposed deadline?

5.) How many times has your motivation changed, but your end goal remained the same?

Once you find out what your true motivation for change stems from then you are able to begin the search for the word that embodies this desire. Ex: If my motivation for change is that the doctor has told me that my weight is unhealthy and my cholesterol is high-- my word might be "reclaim."

By selecting the word 'reclaim' you acknowledge that your deepest desire is to re-establish a connection with your mind and body so that you can be healthier. This gives you something to use as a mental reinforcement when you are making daily choices. 

Ultimately it comes down to using your "WORD" as a litmus test of sort that can help you decipher what to invest your time and energy into each day. 

How to use the word you selected in a daily practice
You found your "WORD" and you are ready to use it, so now what? Begin by waking up each day and repeat your word to yourself 5x. Reinforce that is your intention. Match the word with your breath. Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale say the word. Repeat this 5x. 

Sneaky ways to work in your intention. Find yourself standing in a long line? Washing your hands? Sitting at your desk? Stuck in traffic? Say your word again 5x matching your breath with each repetition. You will quickly find that by adding this simple practice in your daily routine that your word will become ingrained in you and that before long it will pop in your head on it's own as your "true north" in your life directional compass. 

Hit a Road Block, now what? Begin asking questions using your word. Does this food allow me to "reclaim" my body? Will this event added to my already busy schedule allow me to "reclaim" balance in my life? You will learn just how many times your "WORD" can guide you through the day, which is exactly why we wrote our eBook. We wanted you to take some time to work through what your "WORD" really is and make it work for you all year.

So download the book, start practicing mindful meditation with your word, and THRYVE ON!