Holiday Hustle-- Total Body Workout

THRYVE Daily Workout


10 arm circles forward

10 arm circles backwards

10 squat to stand

10 lunges (each leg)

10 Pike Push-ups

Skill:  4x 25m bear crawl. the purpose of this skill is to connect the upper body and lower body into a more succinct unite.

Strength: 5 x 5 Push Press (Dumbell, KB or Barbell)

No equipment: [Stand on a plate or step] 5x5 Elevated Pike Push-ups. 


Do these exercises in order, with :30 of jumping jacks or double unders in between sets. Rest for :30 at the end, then repeat the circuit four more times for a total of 5 Rounds.

L-Stand : Place your heels against the bottom of a wall, bend forward, and position your hands shoulder-width apart on the floor. Walk your feet up the wall until your legs are parallel with the floor and your body forms a 90-degree angle. Raise your right leg to activate your core. Reverse to return to start. Keep going for :30.


:30 Double Unders or Jumping Jacks

Strict Toes 2 Bar [No Equipment: V-ups] : Hanging from a pull-up bar squeeze your legs together and take a breath in. As you exhale all of the air out of your body contract your core and raise your legs. Pressing the bar down to activate your lats try to reach your toes to bar. Keep the legs as straight as possible. Slowly lower your legs back down to the beginning. (Go as high as you can with straight legs). Repeat for :30

V-ups: Extend your arms overhead and your legs straight out in front of you. Take a deep breath in and draw your belly button to your spine. Lift your legs and torso up at the same time as you reach for your toes. Lower your torso, arms and legs down to hover 6-inches of the ground and begin again. **Modification, lower arms and legs to ground and bend knees.

:30 Double Unders or Jumping Jacks

Standing Mountain Climber: Begin upright jogging in place for 10 counts, bringing your knees to hip level. Then drop to the floor, get into a plank position and quickly alternate bringing your knees to your chest. Complete 10 total reps (L=1, R=1), stand up and complete 10 high knees. Repeat for :30.



:30 Double Unders or Jumping Jacks

Sumo Deadlift High Pull 95#/65# [No Equipment: Sumo Jump Squats]: Feet are set slightly wider than shoulder width, toes slightly turned out and knees tracking the toes. Your weight is in the heels with a neutral spine. Hands are inside the legs with a narrow, closed grip on the bar, arms straight. Deadlift the bar, fully extended the hips and knees, with straight arms and aggressively shrug the shoulders up. Then keeping the elbows higher than the bar, pull the bar just below the chin. To return the bar, straighten the arms, release the shoulders and push the hips back and down. Shoulders come forward to return to the set-up. Complete as many reps as possible in :30.


Rest :30 before you begin Round 2.

Keep track of how many reps you get in each round. Post your results in comments below.