3 Rounds

250m row

10 squat to stand

10 goblet squats 35#/25# KB

10 push-ups

Skill: 3 x :30 each side: Serratus Swiss Ball Stabilizer

Strength: 3 x 10 Hollow Body Plank Push-ups

Workout: "Push/Pull" For Time:

5 Straddle Push-ups

5 Wide Grip Pull-ups [Wide Grip Jumping Pull-up with slow negative]

10 Ring Push-ups [Incline Push-up as Modification]

10 Pull-ups [Inverted Row as Modification]

15 Decline Push-ups [Knee Push-up]

15 Chin-ups [Underhand Grip Row, or Chin-up Negatives]

20 Diamond Push-ups

20 Ring Pull-ups [Ring rows]