Sedona Yoga Festival Sequences

Sedona Yoga Festival was such an amazing experience and we wanted to make sure that you could continue the experience anywhere in the world. That is why we have attached a the link for two full length 60 min vinyasa classes taught at Sedona Yoga Festival.

Run Free-- Yoga Practice for the Endurance Yogi

 Strengthen and balance your lower body in this 60 minute vinyasa sequence. This class has a nice balance of movement, strength building, core work and flexibility as you wind down with some nice work for your hamstrings and hips. This class is a great off season conditioning practice to use to stay strong. It can also be used as cross training during your season to supplement your speed work or interval run days.


Warrior Spirit Sequence

Drawing from a personal experience through cancer, I have developed a practice that invokes each student's inner warrior. Bruce Lee once said that, "what makes a successful warrior is the average man with laser focus." Through this practice students will focus their drishti on breath and movement as a moving meditation. Firing up our centers (core) to march and move as one. This flow will make you sweat, but feel so good. Drawing inspiration from martial arts, calisthenics and dance each student will leave finding new ways to harness their inner warrior on a daily basis.


And I also added the Playlist from Run Free because I had so many requests about the music. Enjoy!!

This is a quick reference for the middle sequence of the Warrior Spirit Flow.