Home Workout to Challenge your Power, Grip and Stability

For this workout you will need a Kettlebell or you could use a 1 gallon water bottle or detergent bottle with liquid in it. You will also need a jump rope. 




3 Rounds

5 KB Windmills on the Left Side

5 KB Windmills on the Right Side

10 KB Swings

10 KB Goblet Squats

10 KB Offset Push-ups (5x/side)


Strength: KB Deck Squat to Overhead Press 3 x 8 reps go as heavy as you can in good form.

Workout: Follow all of Set A with as little rest as possible. Rest 1 min between sets and 2 min between Set A & B and B & C.

A1: 4 x 10 KB Around the Worlds (5x/each direction)

A2:  4 x 10 Alternating KB Floor Press (5x/arm)

A3: 4 x 8 Double KB Front Squat

A4: 4 x 8 each leg Single Leg KB Deadlift

B1: 5 x :30 Jump Rope (Sub jumping jacks if you do not have a rope)

B2: 5 x :30 Alternating KB Swings

B3: 5 x :30 KB Chest Press Flutter Kicks

C1: Jump Rope Sprints 15 x :15