Harnessing your "Super Powers" and understanding your alter ego

 Image from Cue Magazine.

Image from Cue Magazine.

Who is Superman?

The origin story of Superman begins with an infant child born Kal-El on the planet Krypton, who quickly becomes rocketed to Earth as an infant by his father Jor-El, just moments before Krypton's destruction. Discovered by the Kents', a farm couple from Kansas, Kal-El is raised as Clark Kent. We find out that early in his childhood he displays various "Superhuman abilities." It is with this knowledge of his super powers that Clark Kent resolves to protect humanity. 

Alter Ego...

But the question remains who is the alter ego-- Clark Kent or Superman? 

When I asked my yoga students, wife, friends and just general passersby I got a split reaction. Some were sure that Clark Kent is the alter ego, while others tried to rationalize that Superman was the alter ego because he was raised as Clark.

That made me think-- is the yoga and movement teacher my alter ego or is Kirsten Beverley-Waters my alter ego? Then this took me down the rabbit hole of imagining my sweet alter ego names like Wonder Yogi, SuperK (that was definitely not good as it is a bankrupt retail store name) oh and my personal favorite... SpideySpanx haha. Okay so my alter ego name needs some work, but the point remains we are all super heroes with our own set of "super powers?" Our alter ego is the person we become each day to fit in, get work done and well "blend in."

That's exactly what Superman did when he created his alter ego Clark Kent. A man running around in blue and red spandex doesn't exactly scream camouflage. He was so frightened that his super powers would ostracize him that he hid behind thick framed glasses and the title of journalist. Many may not even realize how perfect that alter ego suit Clark Kent. As a reporter to the Daily Planet, Clark could get the first scoop all Metropolis's crime and drama. So how does this pertain to your super powers? Let me explain.

Find your "Super Powers" and understanding your alter ego

If you have the ability to heal people with your hands, an innate sense for helping others and the ability to retain complex information your alter ego just might be a doctor. But who you are as a person is the real you. The doctor is just the alter ego that allows you to harness the powers you possess. Or perhaps you have a way with words, melody and instruments. You could take on the alter ego of a rock star or music teacher. 

We are all super heroes. Some just wear more spandex than others ha ha. I love watching the super heroes in my yoga class. Each time they land on their mat they strip back the layers of makeup, hair product, business wear, glasses, brief cases, cellular phones and embrace their inner super hero. Students let their super powers shine and even develop new ones. Some students, however, don't even recognize the super hero they are every single day. So that's why I want you to follow some simple steps to finally address your super powers and find your alter ego.

Steps to find your Super Powers & Unleashing your True Self (Super Hero)

  1. Identify your super powers. Take some time to sit down and write down all the gifts you posses.
  2. Ask yourself if your alter ego is helping you share your "super powers" or conceal them. If you aren't harnessing your powers, what steps can you take to start using them? This can mean approaching your current job, relationship or health plan differently. Or if you are using your super powers are you "leaking" any of your powers in areas that do not serve you or your goals? Maybe one of your super powers is generosity but you give so much of your time you have none for yourself. 
  3. What is your kryptonite? What drains your super powers immediately? Time, Money, Relationship, Job? Identify what area you is wearing you down and then go to step 4. 
  4. Re-prioritize what you value? Even Superman knew he valued peace, honesty and love. Once you know your values and your super powers you can start creating an action plan to change your time, money, relationships, job or life.
  5. Take action. Clark Kent did not just sit idly by as Metropolis fell apart. He took action to put his values and super powers to use.
  6. Repeat these steps consistently every few months to revisit shifts in priorities, goals and super powers.
  7. Most importantly don't be afraid to be YOU! Being you is the most unique super power on the planet. No one else is like you. Find out what makes you different and harness that now and always. Share your Super Hero with the world.
  8. Oh and if you do come up with a sweet Super Hero name for me let me know... haha okay this isn't a step but I'm struggling here. 
  9. As always, be patient and THRYVE ON!

What is your Super Hero story? We all have one. E-mail your story of what Super Powers you possess and who your alter ego is to info@youthryve.com. Maybe your story will be our Super Hero Feature. 


Much Love & Gratitude,