ThryveFit Online Studio-- A digital fitness space to educate and empower others in the path to wellness

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THRYVE Fitness + Yoga + Wellness, an integrated coaching, educational, and events company, is pleased to announce the launch of its online studio, ThryveFit.

Beginning Mother’s Day, 2018, the company will offer its first program series, “Time Crunch Sweat Session,” featuring 15 to 20  minutes of tailored workouts for women in various stages in life and fitness levels. ThryveFit will also offer live fitness classes, including yoga, HIIT, strength, bootcamp, and more, plus digital classroom packages featuring a variety of health and wellness topics including, wellness routines, program building, recovery, and nutrition.

“I’m thrilled with the launch of this digital platform,” said Kirsten Beverley-Waters, founder and owner of THRYVE Fitness + Yoga + Wellness. “Imagine an online community where you can take fitness classes live, archive the ones you miss, take a course in nutrition, or even learn more about the muscles in your body and how to recover them-- that’s ThryveFit Studio. Online fitness classes are nothing new, but ThryveFit is more than a digital studio, it’s a learning portal for those wanting to cut through the noise and make sense of their health.”

Beverley-Waters continued, “bringing in experts in medicine, fitness, yoga and nutrition to debunk the myths surrounding health and help better understand the science behind fitness, yoga and wellness gives ThryveFit a unique platform to educate, inspire, and empower. Aiming to eliminate the noise around health and wellness, my goal is to help others zero in on the tools it takes to live a life that allows them to THRYVE.”

To continue to provide on-going education, users will also have the opportunity to join master groups and participate in one-on-one sessions with Beverley-Waters.