The Cause

It began as a small seed planted in my mind when I was in my 200 hour teacher training with Yoga Medicine. The idea that change begins with just one small step. I recall my high school cross country coach trying to explain to my mother how to get started in running, "The hardest step is the first one out the door," coach Jeffery Gibson said. 

He wasn't wrong. That lesson translates to much of life that I decided the first step I could take would be one of many for a project that could change the way many young women walk through life. 

"The Yoga Medicine Seva Foundation works with local anti-trafficking organizations Her Future Coalition(formerly known as Made By Survivors) & the  Rescue Foundation. Together we provide counseling, food, shelter, medical care & most importantly, traditional & vocational education to empower women & children to care for & support themselves.

We are passionate about providing & sustaining education that empowers survivors to rebuild their lives & support their families. These educational programs give survivors the tools they need to become leaders in their families & communities, uplifting others & passing on the virtue of self-worth. In a culture where women are thought to have little value, educating & empowering them ensures freedom forever. " Yoga Medicine Website.



It is my goal in the next 7 months to walk the elevation equivalent of the Seven Summits. The tallest mountains in the world stand as a symbol of some of the biggest challenges we face in this world. It is my hope that as I document the many steps to this goal you will join me in the journey. 

I am asking you to support my trek up this mountain of Human Trafficking by donating to the Seva Foundation. What if we could create such a voice that we found 100 people to donate $25? Or what if we could find 200 people to donate $25? We could raise $5,000 for young women become leaders in their community. You could become the first step for them. I'm not just asking you to give of your hard earned dollars.

If you donate $10 I will send you the THRYVE Mindset Audio Podcast designed to motivate and elevate your thinking.

For $25 you will receive the THRYVE Mindset Audio Podcast, THRYVE e-book with 7 days worth of meal planning plus workouts and meditations to jump start your own journey towards a better life.

For $50 you will receive the THRYVE Mindset Audio, e-book and 1 month free workouts to complete at home.

For $75 you will receive the THRYVE Mindset Audio, e-book, 1 month free workouts and complimentary entry to the Mt. Everest Challenge (climb your own mountain and earn a medal).

For $100 you will receive the THRYVE Mindset Audio, e-book, 1 month free workouts to complete at home, registration to Mt. Everest Challenge and free 30 min Skype Training Session.

For $200 you will receive everything in the package plus 2 exclusive 1 hour yoga sequences for you to use anywhere, anytime.

Help me reach the Summit! Let's raise $5,000 together!


how your donation helps

Every donation, no matter how big or small, makes a difference.

$30 – covers healthcare, shelter, nutritious meals, education, yoga & other recreational activities for one woman or child for a month.

$100 – covers vocational training for one woman to gain an income generating trade or skill.

$360 – covers healthcare, shelter, nutritious meals, education, yoga & other recreational activities for one woman or child for an entire year.

$500 – covers a survivor’s dream to start or grow her own business. This may include, but is not limited to, fabric & supplies to make clothing, ink & materials for block printing, spices & machinery for grinding or metal & materials for jewelry making.

$1000 – covers an entire year’s salary for one teacher or staff member of these shelters that devote their lives to the empowerment of woman & children.

$5000 – covers the college education of a woman who dreams of a better life. Many of the women wish to continue their education beyond what the shelter offers. Becoming a nurse might mean they can help provide healthcare to their entire village or by becoming a veterinarian, provide neutering or spaying to the millions of stray animals in India. This donation creates a brighter future for the woman, her family & their community.

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