THRYVE began as KB Endurance. Our motto was, “The World is Our Gym” and we coached predominantly endurance athletes. Our training evolved from endurance programs and outdoor bootcamps to one-on-one coaching for athletes of all walks of life. I always believed that fitness should be accessible and it was this “World is Our Gym” mentality that made KB Endurance so successful. With more than 12 years in the coaching business, I trained in many different gym settings; Mixed Martial Arts, Group Fitness, CrossFit, High Intensity Interval Training, Gymnastics, Endurance, TRX, BOSU, Yoga, Pilates and Rock Climbing. Out of my experiences I knew KB Endurance needed to evolve and that’s when THRYVE was born. It became a larger than life concept and transformed into something bigger than the four walls of a gym. It became a mindset. 

THRYVE is a tangible process that allows you to find our edge and push beyond it. This extends beyond your fitness training into your daily life. It’s a practice, so it means you will fail, yes I said it, fail, but out of failure you will gain more understanding about how your body responds to life’s variables and how to THRYVE in any of them. This means you become a part of a community of people interested in learning more about the body, health and wellness, and human performance. It means talking to someone who sees you as more than another “client” on the training list. It’s about being able to express your individuality through programs that fit your lifestyle.

We believe that movement patterns take different shapes and programming styles, but the fundamental principles remain the same. You are looking for someone to help you piece together the information overload of fitness, health and wellness into something that makes sense and fits your lifestyle and body type. This is why we talk about Movement Training. The common denominator between weight lifting, running, yoga, gymnastics, martial arts or fitness training in general is that they are all forms of movement.  But don’t dismiss the obvious and roll your eyes. Yeah, see we saw that, ha ha.

THRYVE takes the intricate details of each movement discipline and apply it to your strengths and weaknesses. The weightlifter needs more mobility in order to access deeper positioning in a squat much like a yogi needs to incorporate strength to improve postures that require arm balance or inversions. It’s physics and biomechanics. But mostly, it’s our unique way of ensuring you have a more balanced body.



When you step on the yoga mat with THRYVE you can leave the world around you behind. Each practice incorporates a healthy dose of humor, focus and gratitude. Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned yogi you will find stillness in movement and flexibility in strength. Click here for upcoming yoga workshops, events and retreats with THRYVE Yoga.

THRYVE Fitness

Our fitness classes and online training videos are designed to get you moving, make you sweat and change your body-- for the better of course. Get used to hearing Burpee if you train with us. It’s no one's favorite but it’s effective. Interested in being notified when our Spring Classes start? Join our email list here.

THRYVE Wellness

Whether you are you looking for someone to help you develop a better relationship with food or simply seeking resources to help you make a delicious meal that will fit your nutritional goals, we have guidance we share weekly on our blog and can help support you one-on-one with a THRYVE Life Coach. Click here to inquire about coaching