Sometimes we need a little more one-on-one attention. If you are looking for a more specific training plan tailored to your individual goals, our online coaching program has served those training for full marathons and triathlons, athletes seeking off-season sports conditioning, men and women seeking guidance with weight loss, and everyone else in between. Read our Success Stories here

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Online coaching starts with an assessment questionnaire followed by a thorough interview and movement analysis. You'll be requested to film and send in various exercises and movements. These videos, as well as questionnaire answers, form the basis of the program.

Your program is specifically tailored to your wants, as well as your needs. Everything from your current physical status, training history, everyday commitments, preferences and workout goals play into the design of the program. The content of the program (sets, reps, intensity and exercise selection) will also be modified on the basis of your progression.
The coaching can be done with e-mail, skype chat, phone call or a combination of the three. In these coaching sessions we will primarily focus on your workout (reps, sets, intensity etc) and the technical execution of the various exercises in your program.


Specialty Training Program

The Speciality Training Program consists of a 4-6 week training program in specific training area; 5k, Half & Full Marathon or THRYVE Fitness.

Investment: $49


One Month COACHING Program

Need to upgrade your current training program? Let a THRYVE coach create a one month program designed to get you to the next level. This program is only one month and is great for athletes who have a handle on their training, but need some extra attention and accountability. 

Investment: $130

Custom COACHING Program

The Custom Coaching Program is designed for athletes looking for longer accountability and training and requires minimum 3 month training commitment. We will design a program that is completely unique to your lifestyle, goals and budget. 

Investment: Starts at $120 per month (discounts available for payment in full)


Simply fill out this application form and we will get in touch with you to set up a consultation phone call or in-person meeting after we review your information. And no worries - you're not obligated to place an order or pay for any services yet. First, we want to make sure that THRYVE coaching is the right fit for you.


I spent many years looking for the right coach to help improve my skills as an endurance athlete and I have been ecstatic with the results I have seen with Kirsten. She understands how to effectively implement strength training to increase the power and speed components of endurance training. I love the programming that Kirsten has put together for me - it is the perfect blend of strength, endurance. and skill that has resulted in significant gains, podium finishes, and no nagging injuries. I look forward to my daily workouts as they challenge me both physically and mentally. All of this has been tailored to fit into a busy life with work and three young kids.
— Zachary Mellion, Orthodontist and Cyclocross Athlete
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Kirsten is by far one of the most qualified, most dedicated and most outstanding trainers I have ever worked out with. After being a spinning instructor for over 8 years and working out with many professional trainers, I met Kirsten and was blown away by her incredible depth of knowledge and her ability to modify and adjust every workout and every move to each athlete’s individual needs and goals. Your success is her success. Kirsten has an ability to be encouraging and enthusiastic, but never annoying. I cannot emphasize enough what a dynamic and amazing trainer Kirsten is for all of her clients.
— Jennifer Towell Disability Rights Advocate, Buddy Up Tennis Coordinator, Spinning Instructor, Attorney