It all started when...

THRYVE began as KB Endurance. Our motto was, “The World is Our Gym” and we coached predominantly endurance athletes. Our training evolved from endurance programs and outdoor bootcamps to one-on-one coaching for athletes of all walks of life. I always believed that fitness should be accessible and it was this “World is Our Gym” mentality that made KB Endurance so successful. With more than 12 years in the coaching business, I trained in many different gym settings;  Mixed Martial Arts, Group Fitness, CrossFit, High Intensity Interval Training, Gymnastics, Endurance, TRX, BOSU, Yoga, Pilates and Rock Climbing. I have seen great coaching and poor coaching, strong communities and false communities. Out of my experiences I knew KB Endurance needed to  evolve-- that’s when THRYVE was born.  It became a larger than life concept and transformed into something bigger than the four walls of a gym. It became a mindset. 

THRYVE is a tangible process that allows you to find our edge and push beyond it. This extends beyond your fitness training into your daily life. It’s a practice, so it means you will fail, yes I said it, fail,  but out of failure you will gain more understanding about how your body responds to life’s variables and how to THRYVE in any of  them. This means you become a part of a community of people interested in learning more about the body, health and wellness, and human performance. It means talking to someone who sees you as more than another “client” on the training list. It’s about being able to express your individuality through programs that fit your lifestyle.

I want you to gain an understanding of your “why” statement. By uncovering your purpose and passion we will help you understand your body, health and performance and physical artistic expression no matter the discipline.

It’s time for you to THRYVE!