A path to Wellness.


How we define wellness is the catalyst for how we live our lives. But it is used so flippantly that most don't even know what it means anymore. Is wellness paleo? Is it six packs and bikinis? Is it 9 to 5 with two kids, one dog, and a suburban house with a deck perfect for your yoga practice? 

We have mirrored the trends of media and culture on this very definition so long that we don't even know how to explain it to anyone else without picking up our phones and pointing out five social media pages and a best-selling author's book title.

Somewhere along the way, we lost our path. We stopped leaving breadcrumbs, most likely because we think carbs are bad, and got lost in the wilderness of health and wellness. Our internal GPS stopped rerouting us because we kept taking "wrong turns" and it was fed up with our choices to deliberately ignore its suggestions.

We stopped living a life that best served us and started carbon copying others "quick fixes" and drinking the "elixirs" of the health world in hopes of discovering our true selves. I realize that sounds a bit new age but it's honest. 

Look at your bookshelves around your house and try counting the amount of self-help, nutrition, fitness, sport, and health-related books. How many of those said books are you still following? Is Atkins even still a thing?


And who wrote the Cookie Diet, because I think that might be the only "diet" I can truly get behind. I mean who doesn't want permission to eat cookies daily as a plan to lose belly fat and get shredded-- oh and diabetes. I'm being dramatic but you get my point. For many of us, the fitness and wellness industry has done a fantastic job of convincing us there is a cure for anything that ails us. And its...

Oh, were you waiting for the big reveal? I'm sorry. I must have gotten lost in my thoughts. Or perhaps the reason that sentence isn't complete is that every person is completely unique. There is no one size fits all. That's why I have committed my life to sharing the message of THRYVE. 

THRYVE is not a brick and mortar studio. It's not a cookie cutter program to follow to get ripped quick. It's a path. We walk to the edge of your wilderness, yes yours because this is about YOU, and we help you cut through the bull*%*! We will carry the stones or wooden planks right alongside you to create the path you were destined to walk. Let's begin this journey with one single step. Just reach out to say hello by sending a note to info@youthryve.com, we can exchange some hellos and see what magic happens from there.