When I started training for my first ironman 70.3 in St Croix, my wife suggested that I get some professional training. After a Facebook search and a few phone calls later it was obvious that Kristen had the plan that would fit my crazy work and travel schedule. The workouts were focused on my needs and were challenging. Thirty days later I finished Ironman 70.3 Syracuse and qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Australia! Thanks Kirsten for the awesome training!.
— Andy, Ohio

I made it Rim to Rim, though the Grand Canyon! It was an awesome adventure for me, because I did plenty of training beforehand. Thank you so much for being a part of my preparation.
— Louisa, Maine

When you take a class with Kirsten Beverley-Waters you know you are in good hands. Kirsten has the ability to connect with her students by offering the strength that is so much a part of her personality. Her ability to get you to believe in yourself as she guides you through each pose is indescribable
— Trish, Canada

When I first started training, I could not swim one lap in the pool without stopping halfway down and holding on to catch my breath. Now I was swimming 2.4 miles nonstop! I had never ridden a bike more than 20 miles in my life!!! Now I was riding 100 miles on my bike every Saturday leading up my race! Now I’m an IRONMAN.
— Margie, Ohio

Kirsten is by far one of the most qualified, most dedicated and most outstanding trainers I have ever worked out with. After being a spinning instructor for over 8 years and working out with many professional trainers, I met Kirsten and was blown away by her incredible depth of knowledge and her ability to modify and adjust every workout and every move to each athlete’s individual needs and goals. Your success is her success..
— Jennifer, Ohio

I’ve never met someone with such an infectious personality and passion for others. Kirsten’s teachings taught even this 75 year old woman a few life lessons.
— Sumi, Mexico

I took the morning class along with some friends and Kirsten was assigned to train us at that time. It was instant admiration. Kirsten inspired us to do so much more than what we even imagined we could do. Her energy was uplifting and got us through some pretty rough mornings. Kirsten focused on our form and made sure everything we did was safe and was something that was benefitting us. I had a personal best every week.
— Mark, Texas

The day I first met Kirsten was in her Bootcamp class at Kent State University. She amazed me how she knew how to create workouts and programs that truly challenged the human body. Her understanding of the body and her ability to help you push beyond your limits is one of the reasons I continued to take her class. I am a professional hip-hop choreographer and movement coach. I credit much of my knowledge and expertise to this woman. I am in the best shape of my life because of her training and belief in me.
— PJ, California