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A Digital Studio You Can Take Everywhere You Go

This Yoga Fusion class is designed to help build full body strength. Moving through strength movements for your core and shoulders will bring a nice fire to round out the lower body sequence.
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Try a 30 Min Full Body Bootcamp

Now you have no excuse— it’s totally free to have Unlimited Sweat Potential

My name is Kirsten Beverley-Waters. I am the founder of Thryve Fitness+Yoga+Wellness and this digital platform is a dream in the making-- one that would not be possible without you. If you are brand new to fitness I want to tell you that I have been where you are. I was well over 220 pounds and spent most of my time just trying to hide. I felt uncomfortable in my skin and didn't even see what was happening in my health.


But I decided I wanted more from my health and more from my life. My personal experience with cancer opened my eyes to the amounts of misleading information and misunderstood populations. I wanted to give meaning to this life I was blessed with-- and I know that it means teaching others.  So if you will step out of your comfort zone for just a moment and imagine a life where you can feel strong and beautiful in your own skin (without starving yourself or killing yourself with endless amounts of cardio) wouldn't you want that life?

And for my seasoned fitness athletes, you know how many types of fitness, nutrition and wellness programs there are out there but you still feel stuck and unclear what your body needs.

Now I want everyone to imagine an online community where you can take fitness classes live, archive the ones you miss, take courses in nutrition, or sit down with an expert in the field of nutrition, fitness, medicine, athletics and get REAL solutions to the questions you have. This isn't just an online fitness platform to workout and checkout. This is a platform to dive in and immerse yourself in the life you deserve and desire.

It just takes a first step. $20/month is less than 1 drop in at a studio or gym. Heck you have probably spent more than that on coffee this month. Is your health worth investing $20? If you hesitate on that, then you might not be ready to join the community. But I'll offer you two weeks FREE to see that even in a digital world we can connect and you can achieve your goals.

It's time you learn to THRYVE!




Find Your Path

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Beginner - glowing sweat

Whether you are taking your first step towards your fitness journey or you are just getting back into your fitness practice, this is a great starting point. We have plenty of classes to start your journey.

Also if you just want a class that is a little more low key (so you can go back to work after a lunch workout without having people smell you before they see you). Look for classes with 1 sweat droplet for your glowing experience. 

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Intermediate- Glistening Sweat

Your fitness practice is evolving but you aren't sure if you are ready for full on sweat fest-- check out the intermediate classes.

These classes are perfect for those days you want to push yourself but still want to have use of your arms to drive your kids to practice after school. Look for classes on ThryveFit Studio with 2 sweat droplets for your Nike Fitness Model lightly baby oiled look.

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advanced- Sweat angel

Classes in this category will result in a full body sweat angel. So don't wear your favorite shirt and shorts if you are attached to them, because they are about to get wrecked in the sessions marked with 3 sweat droplets. 

Expect to see more options with weights, kettlebells, barbells, slam balls and bands in these workouts. But fear not my traveling athletes, there are still plenty of sweat sessions that are bodyweight only. We promise to HIIT you with our best shot (see the pun I did there? ha ha).